American Pharmacists Month: Campaign for Federal Provider Status

American Pharmacists Month: Campaign for Federal Provider Status

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This October, during American Pharmacists Month, join the campaign for federal provider status!

Calling all Ohio State College of Pharmacy students, faculty, and staff who are interested in advocating for the profession of pharmacy. This is your chance to contribute to the future of our profession by having your voice heard at the federal level. Your representatives and senators are waiting to hear from their constituents – YOU!

What YOU can do to help

Advocacy can be as simple as writing a letter to your senators and representative sharing your expertise about what pharmacists and student pharmacists can do! All you’ll need to do is share the impact that you have had on your patients, your internship and/or experiential sites, and your community.

Learn about the issue

The legislation of top priority is Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act, H.R. 2759/S. 1362. You can read all about the topic and why it is important at the American Pharmacists Association website. You may be interested in advocating for another piece of legislation to benefit patients and the profession; if so, please research the topic before writing at an evidence-based source such as a professional organization.

Process for writing a letter

  1. Pickup FREE stationary in the Parks Hall 129 Hallway
  2. Find your Senator or Representative.
  3. Address your envelope. Their address is on their website.
  4. Write your letter! Remember to:
    1. Properly format your letter. (see below)
    2. Talk about your personal story regarding pharmacy and
      how you impact patients’ lives, or how a pharmacist helped you.
    3. Reference H.R. 2759/S. 1362 or your legislation of choice
  5. Drop your letter in the COP Advocacy Mailbox located in the 129 Suite and then record your activity at


Download a flyer with additional information, tips, and an example letter:

Federal Provider Status (PDF)

Federal Provider Status (DOC)

Join us!

We will hold several one-hour letter writing events here in the College of Pharmacy and Zoom with other Colleges of Pharmacy across the country.

  • October 8, 11:30 a.m., Parks 157
  • October 12, 3:30 p.m., Parks 111
  • October 18, 3 p.m., Parks 250
  • October 27, 3 p.m., Parks 250

Did you write a letter or two? Register your letter writing activity at