Science Cafe with Dr. Lane Wallace

The library’s first science cafe will be on September 6 and will feature Dr. Wallace talking about the Opioid Crisis.

When: September 6th @ 6:30pm

Where: Research Commons (3rd Floor, 18th Avenue Library)

Topic: The Opioid Crisis

A major contributor to the opioid problem is the culture of American health care. The goal of minimizing chronic pain markedly increased opioid prescriptions over the last 20 years. A small fraction of people chronically using opioid drugs for medical reasons will develop an addiction. Several opioid drugs, including heroin, are available at a relatively cheap price outside of the normal pharmaceutical distribution system. People with addictions often switch to these drugs. The “War on Drugs” is not succeeding in its goal of lessening addiction. A new development in the arena of opioids and pain involves medical marijuana. Lessening the opioid problem will require a multi-faceted approach.

Speaker: Lane Wallace, OSU College of Pharmacy

Food/Drink available in building via cafe and vending.

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