RO 2018 Conference – April 8, 2018

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Conference Location
***Please note the conference location has changed***
The Makoy Center, 5462 N. Center Street, Hilliard Ohio, 43026
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Conference Presenters
Presenter: Dr. Kevin McCauley
Emerging from the Darkness: The End of the Drug War and the Rise of Recovery
Program objectives:
1. Describe historic events in the genesis, societal patterns of rejection, tolerance and acceptance, and recognition and treatment of addictions, both in the public and health professions.
2. Describe the complex nature of addiction and recovery and how this both conflicts with and supports the concept of addiction as a disease, often amenable to pharmacotherapy.
3. Identify methods to develop addiction recovery resources in local communities utilizing existing support structures, including the expertise of pharmacists, and discuss potential challenges that may be encountered.

Presenter: Dr. Kevin McCauley
Introduction to Addictive Disorders: Understanding Impairment, Effective Intervention and Safe Monitoring to Preserve Lives and Careers
Program objectives:
1. Define “substance use disorder”, describe the common pathophysiology of addictive disorders and explain how symptoms such as impulsive and compulsive drug use, impaired decision-making, and loss of insight into personal problems arise from this pathophysiology.
2. Identify the complexity of issues surrounding substance use disorders and demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based therapies with personal experience to challenge common misperceptions regarding addiction and defend nuanced and cogent appraisals of such issues.
3. Recognize stigma to transcend common emotional reactions regarding addictive behavior. and advocate humane and effective courses of action when dealing with impaired patients and professional colleagues.
4. Identify the risk of harm both to the affected individual and to others as a result of addictive disorders, and suggest recommendations that can ameliorate risk . preserve life, maintain quality of care, and demonstrate definitive yet compassion behavior to other professionals.

Presenter: Dr. Donald Sullivan
2018 Update on Ohio Pharmacy Drug Law

Presenter: TBD
Personal Story of Recovery

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