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Pharmacist's Stories

Click on any of the following to hear digital stories from pharmacists practicing in different settings and see images relating to their work.

The production of these digital stories was supported by a grant from The Ohio State University Office of Continuing Education.

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Dr. Tara Green

Dr. Tara Green – Community Pharmacy

Dr. Green is a community pharmacist and coordinator of the Kroger Patient Care Center in Columbus, Ohio. She describes the important roles of the pharmacist in community practice including the dispensing process for prescription medications, medication compounding, patient consultations, over-the-counter drug counseling, education of pharmacy students and residents, and patient-oriented clinical services such as the administration of immunizations.

webcastCommunity Pharmacy Video

Dr. Joy Lehman

Dr. Joy Lehman – Hospital Pharmacy

Dr. Lehman is a clinical pharmacy specialist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Ohio State University Medical Center. She describes the many roles of the pharmacist in hospital practice including the distribution of medications, medication compounding, collaborations as a member of the healthcare team, therapeutic drug monitoring, and other patient care services. She also highlights her role in the training of students and residents.

webcastHospital Pharmacy Video

Dr. Bella Mehta

Dr. Bella Mehta – Integrative Medicine

Dr. Mehta is a faculty member at the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and director of the Clinical Partners Program. She describes the work of pharmacists in ambulatory clinical practices such as medication therapy management, disease management, wellness and prevention, and specialty services. She also describes her practice in integrative medicine, which incorporates treatments from conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (e.g., herbal therapies).

webcastIntegrative Medicine Video

Prof. George Hinkle

Prof. George Hinkle – Nuclear Pharmacy

Prof. Hinkle is an associate professor of pharmacy and radiology at the Ohio State University. He also serves as director of Nuclear Pharmacy Services at the OSU Medical Center. He describes the practice of nuclear pharmacy including the preparation of radioactive compounds used to diagnose or treat specific diseases, consultations within the nuclear medicine healthcare team, training requirements, and specialty certification.

webcastNuclear Pharmacy Video

Mr. Brice Love

Mr. Brice Love – Managed Care Pharmacy

Mr. Love is a Pharmacy Director at Medco Health Solutions, Inc. He describes pharmacy practice in a managed care environment and pharmacy benefit management. This includes managing prescription benefit plans for employers, communicating with prescribers and patients, prescription processing and dispensing, providing medications to patients through mail-service delivery, and medication therapy management services.

webcastManaged Care Video

Mr. Paul Herring

Mr. Paul Herring – Consultant Pharmacy

Mr. Herring is a consultant pharmacist with Omnicare. He describes consultant pharmacy practices, including reviewing patient medication profiles at long-term care facilities (e.g., nursing homes), recommending medication changes when appropriate, collaborations with other health care providers, providing information to patients and their families, educating students, and conducting in-service training sessions. He also explains how medications are provided to the various facilities. His student, Ms. Amy Sapola, describes her experiences during a clinical rotation with Mr. Herring and a special project they are developing for medication therapy management.

webcastConsultant Pharmacy Video

Ms. Julie Edmonds

Ms. Julie Edmonds – Home Infusion Pharmacy

Ms. Edmonds is Director of Pharmacy for University Optioncare. She describes her practice in home infusion pharmacy, including the preparation of sterile solutions and monitoring of patients who need intravenous medications at home. She discusses why infusion therapy is needed, how the medications are prepared and delivered to the patient, her interactions with other health professionals, communications with patients, and the types of medications typically used in home infusion therapy. She also reviews nursing care for home infusion patients and the use of special infusion pumps.

webcastHome Infusion Pharmacy Video

Mr. Jaime Capestany

Mr. Jaime Capestany – Anticoagulation Pharmacy

Mr. Capestany is Clinical Coordinator at Mt. Carmel Hospital East’s Anticoagulation Clinic. He describes his practice in managing anticoagulation drug therapy, including why these drugs are needed, devices that are used to monitor various parameters in the patient’s blood, collaborations with other health professionals, training pharmacy students, and educating patients about their therapies. He also discusses various antithrombotic medications, especially Coumadin®, which are used to reduce the degree to which a patient’s blood clots.

webcastAnticoagulation Pharmacy Video