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International Programs

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Global Health

The students at the College of Pharmacy have an opportunity to receive a specialization in Global Health designation on their transcript upon successful completion of required coursework. This interdisciplinary program provides an opportunity to enrich the students’ knowledge of health issues the global community faces and enhance their cultural sensitivity.

Global Health website:


International Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations

The Ohio State University Doctor of Pharmacy students have the opportunity to apply for an elective international Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotation to engage in observational clinical experiences with a variety of community sites and hospitals. These rotations provide the opportunity to participate in a healthcare system that is different from the US system and allow for in-depth exploration of another country and its culture.

Experiential Education Program website:

International Medical Outreach

The student pharmacists at the Ohio States have an opportunity to participate in short-term medical outreach trips. The students join an interdisciplinary health care team to provide medical care and promote health in communities where the basic medical care is often inaccessible.

Partnership for Ongoing Development and Education and Medical Outreach Solutions (PODEMOS) website:

Buckeye Without Borders website:


International Community Outreach


Pharmacy Ambassadors

The Pharmacy Ambassadors program began in 2013 to provide education regarding the U.S. healthcare system and familiarize the refugees with the operations of a community pharmacy. The program participants learn about a variety of pharmacy-related topics such as understanding the difference between over-the-counter and prescription medications, refills, and the medication labels. The tools and resource used for educational sessions are available to be downloaded for those who want to adopt a similar program.

Pharmacy Ambassadors website:


Education Abroad

Education Abroad program is available for students at the College of Pharmacy which allows students to engage in cross-cultural interactions while exploring pharmaceutical and healthcare in another country. An annual short-term study abroad experience is offered during the Spring break.

2018 Italy Education Abroad Program information: