LLP Leadership Webinars

The Latiolais Leadership Program has two concurrent webinar series on pharmacy leadership. The first, established in 2012, focuses on hot topics in pharmacy, presented by national leaders and alumni of the MS/HSPA residency program.

The newest webinar began in September, 2015. The Young Alumni Learning Series (YALS) is an exciting leadership series focused on current residents and newer practioners. The first series runs every other week, starting September 10, at 4:00 PM EST and ending on October 8 at 4:00 PM EST. The series looks at leadership topics such as followership, leadership philosophy and style and humble leadership. Pharmacy CE is provided at each of the sessions. Look for coorespondance in regards to future series.

Young Alumni Learning Series Archives 


2016 Webinar series- Frontline Leaders


CE can be obtained from watching any of the below webinars and completing the post-webinar exam and post-webinar survey. CE will be available for exactly one year after the recording of each webinar.

"Followership" Presented by Sara White, MS, FASHP on 9/10/15

Post-Webinar Exam for "Followership"

Post-Webinar Survey for "Followership"


"Leadership Philosophy and Style" Presented by John Armitstead, MS, RPh, FASHP on 9/24/15

Post-Webinar Exam for "Leadership Philosophy and Style"

Post-Webinar Survey for "Leadership Philosophy and Style"


"Leadership with Humility" Presented by Scott Savage, PharmD, MS on 10/8/15

Post-Webinar Exam for "Leadership with Humility"

Post-Webinar Survey for "Leadership with Humility"


Latiolais Webinar Archives

"Mirror to Health-System Specialty Pharmacy" Presented by Russel Allinson, RPh, MS
LLP Webinar – 11/12/2014

"From Networking to Law-Making," Presented by John Hertig, PharmD, MS
LLP Webinar – 8/21/2014

"Privileging & Credentialing," Presented by Trisha Jordan, PharmD, MS
LLP Webinar – 6/19/2013

"Opportunity with Risk," Presented by Richard F. Demers, RPh, MS, FASHP
LLP Webinar – 10/24/2012

"Clifton J. Latiolais & His Legacy," Presented by: Harold Godwin, MS, FASHP, FAPhA and Sara White MS, FASHP
LLP Webinar – 8/8/2012