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Introduction to Pharmacy Course Materials (Pharmacy 4510)

This page provides materials used in Pharmacy 4510 (Introduction to Pharmacy) taught by Dr. Kenneth Hale at the Ohio State University.  Citations for required readings in the course and recorded lectures are provided as a service to those who may be considering a career in pharmacy. These materials are grouped according to the seven “inquiry sections” in the course. Please feel free to follow Dr. Hale on Twitter @Prof_Hale to receive ongoing information of professional interest.

1. What is Pharmacy?

Lecture Recordings

What is a profession?

What is Pharmacy?

Pharmacy's Beginnings and Pharmacopeias

Evolution of American Pharmacy Practice

Essential Functions of Pharmacists and Technicians

Emerging Opportunities for Pharmacists

Careers in Pharmacy & Workforce Issues


Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process (Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners, 2014)

2. How are pharmacists educated?

Lecture Recordings

Evolution of Pharmacy Education in the Pharmacy Disciplines

Professional, Residency and Fellowship Training

Graduate Research Education in Pharmacy


Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education, Educational Outcomes 2013 (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy)

3. How are new medications developed and approved?

Lecture Recordings

Drug Discovery and Development

FDA Approval and Post-Marketing Surveillance


Drug Discovery and Development: Understanding the R&D Process (PhRMA, 2007)

4. How is pharmacy regulated?

Lecture Recordings

Federal and State Regulations

Pharmacist Licensure and Professional Ethics


Code of Ethics for Pharmacists (APhA, 1994)

5. What roles do medications play in healthcare?

Lecture Recordings

The Use and Misuse of Medications in the U.S.

The Drug Use Process & Transitions of Care


Health, United States, 2013: Special Feature on Prescription Drugs (CDC, 2014)

6. What is the patient’s medication experience?

Lecture Recordings

The Patient’s Medication Experience

Medication Safety


Shoemaker SJ, Ramalho de Oliveira D. Understanding the meaning of medications for patients: The medication experience. Pharm World Sci. 2008;30:86-91.

7. How is pharmacy and healthcare changing?

Lecture Recordings

Personalized Medicine and Telepharmacy

Collaborative Practice and Credentialing

The Future of Pharmacy


The Pursuit of Provider Status: What Pharmacists Need to Know (American Pharmacists Association, 2013