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Global Pharmacy Practices

Pharmacists are integral members of the healthcare team, providing medication therapy management, access to life-saving drug regimen, primary care, specialty services, patient education, community service and more. But the practice of pharmacy differs substantial around the world. The documents to follow were written by Doctor of Pharmacy students at the Ohio State University as part of a special group studies course on “Topics in International Pharmacy.” They provide a sampling of how pharmacy is different on the various continents.

Student authors: Christine Hwang, Marie Kassi, Maryam Khan, Peshan Ngo, Kristine Voon, Zhihan Zhang, Jorge Ng Zheng

Africa (PDF)

Australia & New Zealand (PDF)

Central & South America (PDF)

Europe (PDF)

North America (PDF)

Pakistan, Iraq & Qatar (PDF)

Southeast Asia & the West Pacific (PDF)