Nicole C. Kwiek, PhD

Cynthia Canan, PhD
Assistant Director

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Photo credit: COSIPhoto credit: COSI

The Generation Rx Lab is a fun and innovative educational experience within the Labs in Life exhibit at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). In this lab, COSI visitors of all ages can conduct engaging, hands-on experiments as they learn about the science of drugs.


How does the lab work?

The Generation Rx Lab is a fun experience for the entire family! Everyone wears their scientist gear—a lab coat, goggles, and gloves. In the lab we conduct a messy, hands-on experiment related to how drugs work in our bodies. When you arrive at COSI, the lab’s featured experiment and show times are listed in COSI’s show sheet.  See a staff member in our lab (2nd floor, Labs in Life exhibit) to sign-up and reserve your spot. Space is limited to the first 12-18 guests, so sign-up early!

Germinator!Photo credit: COSI

What can COSI visitors do in the lab?

In the Generation Rx Lab, COSI visitors can…

  • Develop a hand sanitizer and test its effectiveness using your own germs!
  • Cure a patient’s belly blunders using acids, bases, and cabbage juice!
  • Test how drugs change a water flea’s heart rate!
  • Discover how our genes impact a drug’s response using fruit flies!

Sound interesting? Check-out the other experiments we offer. Are you an educator? Find-out how you can reserve our lab for an immersive science learning experience.