Nicole C. Kwiek, PhD

Cynthia Canan, PhD
Assistant Director

Center of Science and Industry
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What types of hands-on experiments can COSI visitors expect to conduct in the Generation Rx Lab? Experiments involving medicines, plants, fruit flies, sheep brains, and crickets, of course!

All hands-on experiments demonstrate how the human body works, how disease manifests, how drugs work in the body, or how to safely use medicines. Currently, visitors can expect to conduct one of the following hands-on experiments:






1. “Germinator!”…Develop your own hand sanitizer and test its effectiveness using germs collected from your own hands!


2.Medicine in My Backyard?!”…Can you discover a new antibiotic from a plant lurking in your backyard? Let’s find out!


3.Visualizing My Blueprint”…How do scientists create personalized medicine? Take the first steps by isolating your DNA and creating your own DNA necklace!


4.DNA: Medicine gets personal!”...Did you know your DNA can determine what medications will work for you? Test patient’s DNA and determine their best treatment!


5.Salicylate Sleuths”…Apply your detective skills as we uncover products lurking in your home that may contain the medicine, salicylate!


6.Frenzied Fleas”...Test the effects of drugs like caffeine and sleeping pills on the heart rate of a water flea!


7.Cabbage Patch Chemistry: Sizzling Acids & Fizzling Bases!”…Cure our patient’s belly blunders by using cabbage juice to identify acids and bases!


8.Brain Chatter!”…Can a drug alter how our neurons talk to each other? Explore this question using crickets as a model and real electrophysiology equipment!


9.May I pick your Noggin?”…Dissect real sheep brains and identify critical brain regions that medicines target!


10.Funky Fruit Flies”…How do genes impact how we respond to a drug? Find out as we observe wildtype and mutant fruit flies exposed to different drugs!