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Scientists from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy are researching the most effective ways to teach science while engaging young people. They hypothesize that students are intrigued by principles of drugs and disease treatment and therefore are better able to learn basic biology and chemistry concepts when scientific information is presented in this context. 

Through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, students will then be able to directly apply their scientific knowledge to real-world problems related to drugs and disease.

By visiting the Generation Rx Lab during your field trip, you will help researchers assess the effectiveness of this approach toward teaching science, as well as determine the best ways to partner with educators to provide students with these experiences.

What will students do in the Generation Rx Lab?

Students will design and conduct an engaging, hands-on experiment that demonstrates and applies basic biology and chemistry concepts as they learn the science behind drugs. During the experiment, each student will complete a handout, providing an opportunity to collect and record data. In addition, we will provide several “extension learning” activities (with talking points) to conduct afterward in your classroom. These activities allow students to analyze and formally graph their data, discuss their results, and apply their findings towards a discussion about human health.

What types of experiments can students conduct?

Educators can select one of the experiments listed (see complete listing here), with each activity taking one hour for your students to complete. Based on age, we can adapt each experiment’s level of difficulty.

High School students on a field trip at COSI, conducting "Frenzied Fleas"High School students on a field trip at COSI, conducting "Frenzied Fleas"

High School students on a field trip at COSI, conducting “Frenzied Fleas." Photo credit: Rob McCormick, courtesy of COSI.

How can students visit the lab during a field trip to COSI?

Once a field trip to COSI is booked, contact Katie Summers, PhD, to schedule your visit to the lab. Interested in an enhanced field trip experience?  Check-out COSI’s 21st Century Learning Labs, which includes a visit to our lab. More information here