Waitzman Pharmacy Scholarship Established at College of Pharmacy


The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy is pleased to announce the establishment of a scholarship to expand student opportunities in community health. The Daniel B. and Rita F. Waitzman Community Pharmacy Scholarship Fund is designed to assist doctor of pharmacy, PharmD, candidates enrolled in the college’s Partner for Promotion Program (PFP) who have shown a strong commitment to community pharmacy.

The program allows students to work for a year with participating pharmacies, while receiving training and mentorship by faculty involved with The Ohio State University Partner for Promotion program, to design and implement a program to provide expanded quality patient care services in community pharmacies.

Daniel Waitzman had a distinguished career in pharmacy spanning sixty-five years as a licensed pharmacist, serving as President of the Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio, and was the recipient of numerous honors in pharmacy, including the OSU College of Pharmacy’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Rita, in her own right, is well-known in pharmacy circles and at the college as well. Daniel’s Pharmacy was a landmark in Columbus, where Daniel, with the help and support of Rita, served the community at Main and Ohio for close to fifty years, providing quality pharmacy services to an area and population that did not have easy access to pharmaceutical care.

In April 2014, Grace Kilbane and Helen Hyun-Su Kim were the inaugural recipients of the award. In collaboration with Kroger Pharmacy and their preceptor, Ben Michaels, they developed a sustainable model of education to recently resettled refugees in the U.S. about how to engage with the community pharmacy to receive medicine and care. This innovative project addressed a major need in the community and the team embodied the characteristics this fund was established to recognize.

The OSU Partner for Promotion Program has engaged sixty-four participating pharmacies throughout the State of Ohio, as well as in the states of Kentucky, West Virginia and the State of Washington. The program was started at OSU in 2005 by Jennifer Rodis, who serves as the Director of Partner for Promotion at the College of Pharmacy. In this time, because of its success and the recognized need to expand pharmaceutical services to diverse areas and settings, the Partner for Promotion Program has been adopted by other colleges and schools of pharmacy across the country to implement PFP at their institutions.

“This scholarship honors the outstanding pharmacy legacy of Daniel and Rita Waitzman by awarding the pharmacy innovators of tomorrow.  We are grateful to the Waitzman family for their continued impact on the growth of pharmacy in Ohio,” said Rodis.    

More information regarding the OSU Partner for Promotion Program can be found at the following link: http://www.pharmacy.ohio-state.edu/outreach/partner-promotion