Pharmacy Rides for Pelotonia


Pelotonia, a three-day bike tour to raise money for cancer research at The Ohio State University, has fast become a fundraising powerhouse. In the seven years since its founding, the event has raised some $91 million, $9.4 million of which has already been raised for this year’s August 7–9 ride. Impressively, 100 percent of every rider-raised dollar goes directly to fund cancer research.
Among the 7701 riders and countless volunteers are students, staff, faculty and alums who ride to represent The College of Pharmacy. They include:
Bob Brueggemeier, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
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“I have participated in every Pelotonia (2009-2015) as either a rider (50 miles) or virtual rider (due to schedule conflicts).  I participate in memory of my dad Wayne, who died of prostate cancer in November 2002, and longtime friends Kathy Brooks (breast cancer) and Lee Tay (renal carcinoma), both lost their battles in 2010. I also participate to honor the courage and determination of numerous family members and friends who have fought or are now battling cancer.  Funds raised in Pelotonia enable the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center to provide support for exciting novel research, to recruit additional faculty and scientists to Ohio State, and to provide fellowships to students and trainees.”
Christopher Coss, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy Technical Director, Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource Comprehensive Cancer Center
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 “I am participating as only a virtual rider this year and it is my first time participating. My goal is $1,200 and I am riding for my Aunt Judy who succumbed to liver cancer in 2003. I am a career cancer researcher, who like most, has lost loved ones to cancer. My current research is focused on evaluating novel therapies for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). HCC is an insidious and deadly disease with few viable treatment options and no known cure. I have seen what this disease is capable of in person as it claimed my aunt, Judith Barritt (1950-2003).”
Bob Curley,PhD, Professor Emeritus, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
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“I have done 100 miles in every Pelotonia (2009-2015) except the 2011 version; I had a schedule conflict that year and could only participate as a virtual rider. I ride with the “Crops to the Clinic” peloton which includes faculty members I do research with on cancer preventive/treatment food components. I ride primarily in honor of my Father and my Mother- and Father-in-Law, all of whom died from cancer! I am recovering from hernia surgery and this will likely be the toughest 100 miles I have ever done, this may be my “swan song”… Pelotonia has been true to its word and has put all of the money raised toward cancer research at OSU.”
Shuai Dong, Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry PhD program
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“I’m riding Pelotonia with Hope Highway for 50 miles. This is my first year doing actual bike ride. I’ve been virtual rider for the past two years. I just received Pelotonia graduate fellowship, this is to ride to raise fund for cancer research. I am proud to be a member of the Byrd lab to tackle leukemia and a recipient of the Pelotonia Graduate Fellowship. I am proud to be a part of the translational research society to advance scientific knowledge and guide clinical practice. I am proud to join this Pelotonia movement to raise awareness and funding for cancer research.”
Casey Hoerig, Director of Information Technology, Technology Services
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“I’m riding 100 miles as a member of the College of Pharmacy Alumni peloton. I have the awesome privilege of working with some of the brilliant OSU researchers who are working towards the goal of ending cancer. The next big breakthrough in cancer research could be happening right down the hall from me. This is my 5th year involved with Pelotonia - 4 as a volunteer and now my 1st as a rider. No donation is too small to have an impact.”
Mitch Phelps, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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“This is my 7th year riding in Pelotonia, and I plan to be here every year after this. I am fortunate to be a part of the research teams within the OSU James and Comprehensive Cancer Center and the College of Pharmacy, and I witness each day the results of the work that goes on here at OSU. I work with a world-class group of scientists, clinical researchers, and administrative staff who are committed to improving patients' lives and ultimately ending cancer. As a researcher at OSU, I am also riding because my research group benefits directly from the money raised in Pelotonia. It has been put to terrific use providing essential funds for research staff, materials, equipment and services.”
Lara Ramey, PharmD, COP alumni governing board member, Peloton Captain-Team Buckeye College of Pharmacy Alumni Society
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“We are a very new peloton. Our first year (2014) was a bit slow for fundraising and participation, but with #3 riders and #7 virtual riders for 2015, we're working hard to catch up. Currently, we've raised $1650.00 and continue to press on to meet individual goals. Cycling has become very near and dear to my heart. Due to scheduling conflicts, I've participated as a virtual rider only thus far, but cannot wait to experience the event as a RIDER for 2016. This is an amazing event!  I'm very excited to see what our group can accomplish in years to come.”
In addition to those who support the fight again cancer through Pelotonia, a number of Pharmacy faculty are making grounding-breaking cancer discoveries in the lab. In fact, a portion of dollars raised through Pelontonia have gone to fund Pharmacy studies.
Robert Lee, PhD and his colleagues are working on a delivery system that will pack a leukemia drug into nano-sized bubbles of fat, attaching them to a homing device that seeks out acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells.
Robert Brueggemeier, PhD; Chenglong Li, PhD; Pui-Kai Li, PhD; Yasuro Sugimoto, PhD and their team are designing and developing drugs that inhibit a molecule called Mps1/TTK as a promising treatment for triple-negative breast cancer and other aggressive breast cancers.
Ming Poi, Pharm D, PhD, Mitch Phelps, PhD and their collaborators are developing a procedure to personalize dosing of melphalan to improve its effectiveness in killing multiple myeloma cells while minimizing the drug’s harsh side effects
Ching-Shih Chen, PhD and his team developed an anti AML drug to raise patient miR-29b levels. Researchers now want to see whether combining this drug with the drug decitabine will help more patients achieve complete remission.
Everyone involved in Pelotonia is encouraging giving. “A contribution of any size will be appreciated and will help,” notes Bob Curley. “Even $20 will help as long as we continue to broaden support for the research effort. If you can't afford a contribution, please consider volunteering so the ride will be a success for all of the riders. Better yet, consider a small donation and volunteer!”
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