Pharmacy Professor Rodis Receives Grant to Enhance Chronic Disease Outcomes for Ohio Patients

Daniel Helfand

The Ohio Department of Health has awarded Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Jennifer Rodis a $46,200 grant to increase medication therapy management (MTM) services provided by pharmacists to improve the health and wellness of underserved Ohio citizens living with chronic diseases.

The project expands MTM services to patients cared for in Ohio’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). FQHCs care for patients in underserved areas or populations in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. 

Representatives from all colleges of pharmacy in Ohio will contribute to a consortium to support the expansion of MTM services in the state’s FQHCs. Other partners include KEPRO, the Ohio Pharmacists Association, the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers, the Ohio Department of Health and four FQHC sites: Axess Pointe, Columbus Neighborhood Health Centers, Health Partners of Western Ohio and Kroger Co. in collaboration with Hopewell Health Centers, Inc.

“Phase one of this project will engage four FQHCs with distinct pharmacist care models and geographic diversity to measure the impact of pharmacist-provided MTM on chronic diseases, specifically in patients with diabetes and hypertension,” said Rodis. “Data collected from phase one will feed into the creation of a phase two plan that will support the expansion of MTM services and patient care enhancement in FQHCs across the state of Ohio.”

Phase one of the project lasts through June 2015; phase two will commence July 2015.

“We are excited for faculty, students, residents, pharmacists and pharmacies from all over Ohio to be involved in launching this project,” said Rodis. “This endeavor brings best practices from across the state together. We aim to promote and serve as a resource to support expansion of pharmacist-provided MTM and, thus, help Ohio’s citizens make the best use of their medications for optimal health and wellness.”