Pharmacy Faculty Accept New Positions at the College

Daniel Helfand

Dr. Daren Knoell and Dr. Katherine Kelley have accepted new roles at the College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Knoell will serve as pharmacy practice and administration division chair. He earned his PharmD at the University of Nebraska in 1989 before being appointed an assistant professor at Ohio State in 1994. In his time at Ohio State, Dr. Knoell’s research has focused on lung epithelial cell behavior during normal cell function, wound remodeling and disease pathogenesis. Dr. Knoell replaces retiring division chair Dr. Milap Nahata.

“I was assigned as a mentor to Daren when he first came to Ohio State and know he will be a tremendous mentor to our faculty and students,” said Dr. Milap Nahata. “He has a great vision that will keep us moving forward.”

Dr. Kelley will begin her new role as associate dean for curriculum and assessment, which will combine the focus of her former position as assistant dean for assessment and her new responsibilities as associate dean.  She arrived at Ohio State in 1997, and holds an M.S. in pharmacy administration and a Ph.D. in education policy and leadership from Ohio State. Dr. Kelley’s research interests include educational assessment, program evaluation, student learning and pharmacy education.

Dr. Kelley will be taking over the responsibilities of Dr. Sylvan Frank, who is also retiring. “I think the world of Dr. Kelley,” said Dr. Frank. “She is incredibly competent, and I know she will do an amazing job.”