Partnership between Charitable Pharmacy and College of Pharmacy highlighted in grant-funding presentation

Dr. Kristin Casper addresses event attendees.

The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio (CPCO) and the College of Pharmacy share a unique partnership that benefits both patients and students immensely. Recently, that partnership was highlighted during a grant-funding presentation at the Charitable Pharmacy which was hosted by The Ohio State University Women & Philanthropy group. Dr. Kristin Casper, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and shared faculty with The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio, was the event’s keynote speaker, and Executive Director Jennifer Seifert provided a compelling description of the history of the Charitable Pharmacy to set the stage for the project description.

Each year, Ohio State Women & Philanthropy chooses grant partners for consideration of grant funding from The Ohio State University Women & Philanthropy Grant & Scholarship Fund. The money supports projects or programs tied to the university that make a difference in the community. This year, CPCO is a grant finalist.

CPCO is a local organization that provides free medications and pharmacy services for vulnerable patients in the community living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. The pharmacy hosts five advanced Ohio State pharmacy students per month at its Livingston Avenue location, providing a unique opportunity for practitioners to work with an underserved population and for students to gain important knowledge through this practical learning experience. The pharmacy serves more than 60 patients a day, with the average patient receiving seven prescription medications per month. ABC6 recently featured CPCO for the access it provides to medication.

“Our partnership in residency, research and student training greatly contributes to our patients’ care,” Dr. Casper said. “The fact that the college supports students and faculty working at CPCO, shows the dedication to optimal care for underserved patients. I think that’s really something to be proud of.”

In the grant-funding presentation, CPCO highlighted Total Care for Women with Diabetes, a project to assist underserved women in the community with all aspects of their diabetes care. Through the program, CPCO will provide patients with medications to help control blood sugar, testing supplies to help patients test their blood sugar, pill boxes to help patients improve medication adherence, and educational materials to help patients understand how to best manage their diabetes. In addition, CPCO will ask patients what challenges they face in managing their diabetes and identify methods they can use to combat those challenges. CPCO will use grant money that is received from Women & Philanthropy to initiate this program with the hopes to expand the project to many more patients in the future.

“We want to meet patients where they are to understand what their specific needs might be when caring for diabetes. That’s what makes this project so impactful,” Dr. Casper explained.

After the presentation, all attendees worked together to assemble 500 diabetes care kits. The kits will be shared with women living with diabetes during their regular visits to the Charitable Pharmacy. “I think the attendees liked seeing our pharmacy and better understanding the impact it has on our patients. The pharmacy students and residents take the time to teach patients about every medication they take, and the pharmacy is often a re-entry point for many of our patients into the health care system.”

Grant finalists will provide a report about their progress and receive their allocated funds at an awards presentation hosted by Ohio State Women & Philanthropy in May 2018. View more images from the event by visiting: