OSU Pharmacy Retirees Honored at Appreciation Event

Daniel Helfand

Several faculty will remain with school as emeriti

Six retiring members of the College of Pharmacy were honored for their years of service to the College last month at the OSU Faculty Club. Dr. Sylvan Frank, Dr. Milap Nahata, Marialice Bennett, Dr. Dennis McKay, Carol Camm and Christine Murphy each received a plaque to commemorate their tenure at Ohio State.

A key portion of the event focused on the efforts of Dr. Nahata, Bennett and Dr. Frank, who will be rejoining the faculty in emeritus roles next fall. Combined, the three have more than a century’s worth of teaching and research experience at Ohio State and have overseen vast changes to the College of Pharmacy; they were presented with gifts from students of the College, who wanted to show their abiding gratitude for the lessons learned from them.

Dr. Nahata has been a faculty member at The Ohio State University since 1978. He was instrumental in helping to establish Ohio State’s Clinical Pharmacy Program. “When I came here in 1978, people did not know what the PharmD program was or what roles pharmacists could play with patients,” said Nahata. “I came to Ohio State to help build the PharmD program from the ground up, as opposed to going somewhere where the practice of clinical pharmacy was well-established.”

Bennett, who attended OSU as an undergrad, echoed Dr. Nahata on how much the clinical pharmacy practice changed in her time here: “Working at Ohio State has given me the opportunity to be innovative and a chance to research and implement new practices by adding more of a human element to the practice of pharmacy.”

Dr. Frank joined the faculty at Ohio State in 1970. His scholarship at Ohio State has focused on drug delivery systems, with a focus on enhancing the absorption of drugs into the body through topical and oral systems. Dr. Frank said that the opportunity to come to Ohio State was too compelling to ever say no. “I wanted to go to a first class research institution where I could work with outstanding students and faculty,” said Frank. “Ohio State has given me the opportunity to do all of these things because of the endless amount of expertise and opportunities.”

Dr. Nahata, Bennett and Dr. Frank will teach and continue research projects in their new positions.

“All three of these faculty members receiving emeritus status show the impact they have had on Ohio State and their students,” said Dean Robert Brueggemeier. “For students and faculty members to be able to continue to engage them is invaluable.”