Ohio State Undergraduate Students Experience a Day at Eli Lilly & Co.

Shannon Reed


Students at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy recently had the opportunity to travel to the Eli Lilly and Company Corporate Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The undergraduates were mostly freshman from Pharmacy House, a living-learning community for students interested in pharmacy located in Canfield Hall. Faculty and staff in the residence hall and at the College of Pharmacy worked together to coordinate the visit to the Lilly Corporate Center. 

Eli Lilly and Company, founded in 1876, is currently the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. The company has developed alliances and partnerships across the globe that advances its capacity to develop innovative medicines at a lower cost. Furthermore, it has consistently ranked as one of the best companies in the world to work for.

“The purpose of the visit was to let the students get exposure to another side of the industry,” said Kelly Crum, academic counselor at the College of Pharmacy. “They are also given the opportunity to meet important people and ask meaningful questions.” This was Crum’s first time organizing a visit to the Lilly Corporation.

The group of 20 students left on a Friday and were able to explore Indianapolis, including the Medical History Museum located there. “The Medical History Museum was a lot of fun,” said Victoria Williams, a resident advisor in Canfield Hall who attended the trip with the students. “This wasn’t your typical museum; it was located in an abandoned mental hospital. Everyone really enjoyed seeing how technology and treatment of patients has progressed over the last 100 years.”

However, the major highlight and purpose of the trip was to see the Eli Lilly Corporation. “Eli Lilly can be summed up in one word – impressive,” said Williams. “Most of our residents are looking at careers in practicing pharmacy. I think our trip to Eli Lilly has made some of them seriously consider options outside of practice.”

Overall, the trip was a success and a huge benefit for the students who participated. “We hope to continue doing this in the future because it was wonderful,” said Crum. “The students got a lot out of the visit. We are so grateful to Eli Lilly and Company and the administration at the college for giving us the opportunity.”