Ohio State Students “Script” Futures for East Side Seniors

Emily Keeler
Pharmacy student Natalie Park consults with a patient at the Ward Family YMCA.

Students from The Ohio State University colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Public Health have been hard at work at the Ward Family YMCA, meeting with area residents to help them get the most from their medications. These students are educating the public about the importance of taking medications properly through “Script Your Future," a national program to increase medication adherence.
According to the National Council on Patient information and Education (NCPIE), nearly three out of four Americans admit that they don't always take their medication as directed. There can be many reasons for this, and through a thorough medication review with the patient, the students are able to uncover medications being taken, how they are being taken, and how patients may be able to increase compliance and thus better health outcomes.
“A lot of people aren’t aware of how much impact taking medications properly can have on your health,” said Natalie Park, a second-year pharmacy student. “Not taking them properly can decrease effectiveness or even create adverse consequences. We try to find strategies to help them.”
Prior to starting the project, students attended events and classes in order to become a part of the community and reach their patients on a personal level.
“Script your Future” educates the general public about the disease states and the importance of medication adherence and aims to prevent future illness and serious health complications to improve the quality of life of every American who suffers from both acute and chronic conditions. For more information on this program visit http://www.scriptyourfuture.org.