Ohio State and Hong Kong Baptist University Establish Dual PhD Programs

Daniel Helfand

The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences, department of chemistry and biochemistry has formed an educational partnership with Hong Kong Baptist University’s (HKBU) Faculty of Science and School of Chinese Medicine. The program will lead to a dual institution PhD, with graduates receiving a PhD from both Ohio State and HKBU. The College of Pharmacy is involved with the project.  

The students in the program will focus their research on drug discovery and biomedical science. Students will spend the first two years at HKBU and will finish in two to three years at Ohio State.

“The dual PhD program will allow for faculty and graduate student collaboration from both universities,” said Cynthia Carnes, associate dean for graduate studies and research at OSU’s College of Pharmacy. “Our faculty will travel to HKBU and interact through technology with their students and faculty to assist with developing specific programs that address students’ interests.”

HKBU, located in Haimen, China, has already begun the recruiting process and is expecting its first class for this fall semester. The university has invested 900 million RMB (more than $144 million in U.S. dollars) to develop facilities for the program.

While HKBU plans to establish dual PhD programs with other top U.S. universities, Ohio State is its first partner. Planning began several years ago, and Carnes says she is excited about the opportunities it will create for research between the two countries.

“HKBU’s faculty members are incredibly accomplished and are conducting fascinating research,” said Carnes. “I am eager to see the discoveries and advancements that will arise from students in this program.”