Generation Rx Partner Recognized for Commitment to Ohio State

Emily Keeler
Cardinal Health and Ohio State representatives
Cardinal Health and Ohio State representatives with the award. Left to right: Dean Robert W. Brueggemeier, Nicole Cartwright Kwiek, Dianne Radigan, Betsy Walker, Kenneth Hale.

Cardinal Health has been named the recipient of the 2013 Excellence in Community Partnership Award by The Ohio State University for its partnerships with the campus community.

Since 2009, Cardinal Health has partnered with the College of Pharmacy on the Generation Rx Initiative. The program aims to enhance the public’s understanding of medication safety with a focus on prescription drug misuse and abuse through a variety of toolkits, programs, and online resources.

“The Cardinal Health Foundation’s support for the Generation Rx Initiative has been pivotal for our program’s success and expansive reach,” states Nicole Cartwright Kwiek, PhD, Director of the Generation Rx Lab. “We are immensely grateful for our partnership with such a great organization, and this award was very deserved.”

In addition to Cardinal Health’s work with Generation Rx, the company also works with Healthy Weight 0-5, an initiative focused on ensuring that Columbus children are at a healthy weight when they enter kindergarten. The Community and Youth Collaborative Institute (CAYCI) in the College of Social Work has been working with Cardinal Health in the development and evaluation of this Initiative, which also includes partners such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus Public Health, Action for Children, and the YMCA. Cardinal Health also works to address the needs of at-risk youth during the summer by supporting the Learning in Fitness and Education (LiFE) Sports Initiative.

The annual award is given by the Office of Outreach and Engagement and the Service-Learning Initiative to recognize organizations with exceptional outreach or engagement within Ohio’s communities through partnership with Ohio State. For more information, visit