Dr. Maria Pruchnicki elected as ACCP Fellow


Dr. Maria Pruchnicki has been elected as a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), which "recognizes and rewards the highest levels of excellence in the practice and science of clinical pharmacy.” She was inducted at the recent Annual Meeting, in Phoenix AZ. 

Dr. Pruchnicki teaches in the Concepts in Patient Care and Integrated Pharmacotherapy sequences for the PharmD program within the College of Pharmacy. Her therapeutic areas of interest include cardiovascular risk reduction, including lipid management, smoking cessation, and chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension, anticoagulation) in the ambulatory care setting.  Her teaching interests include cardiovascular health, health literacy, residency training, and new faculty support.  

“The ACCP Fellowship recognizes not just what I am doing within my clinical work, but also the work that I am doing at the College in teaching and scholarship.  Having all of those roles come together in a way that makes sense is a significant accomplishment and recognition from my colleagues.” Dr. Pruchnicki said.

Dr. Pruchnicki is excited for the future of the profession and her career.

“The field of pharmacy is about change - constantly learning about the best way to use medicines and progressing in patient care skills. However, my excitement comes from teaching and mentoring students in a way that allows them to best push the profession forward and to look forward to what is to come. Our students are incredible. To see where our students are now, at Ohio State, and helping them develop their goals for the future is where I get my energy to do what I do” she said. 

When asked about her biggest accomplishments in her 26-year career, Pruchnicki notes that the “stand out” moments have been becoming a better teacher and seeing motivated students transition from the classroom to colleagues in academia and clinical practice. 

“I had the best teachers and mentors, and that matters,” she said. “It always fills me with anticipation to think about the pharmacy students who will be coming up behind to take those places.”

Dr. Pruchnicki also comments on her interactions with other professionals in the field of pharmacy on a national level. Many of those colleagues are right here at Ohio State. She elaborates on the fact that the work being done here doesn’t just stay on our campus – it goes out into the local communities and across different parts of our nation.  These collaborations create the biggest impact on the profession.

Finally, her advice to future pharmacists: focus on the work that you love and the pieces will fall into place.

Congratulations to Dr. Pruchnicki for your recognition. The College of Pharmacy is so proud of you and your accomplishments.