College Looks to Alumni to Help Improve, Expand Lab


In response to the tremendous growth and increased rigor of its Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy is in the process of expanding and improving its student Pharmacy Practice Lab (PPL). The school is reaching out to friends and alumni for the $2 million project, slated for completion in June 2018.

As one of the nation’s top-ten pharmacy schools, Ohio State’s College of Pharmacy continues to create first-class educational opportunities for its students. In 2016, the college launched a revised curriculum aimed at enhancing experiential learning. This course of study now includes two additional years of practice lab experiences, tripling the amount of time students spend in PPL.

To accommodate the program’s burgeoning needs, the expanded advanced practice and pre-clinical space will be outfitted with patient counseling rooms and amenities to encourage team-based learning. Workstations and equipment in the existing lab will be modernized. Video and audio recording equipment will be added throughout all areas.

“In order to maintain our national leadership in tuition affordability, we are looking to our alumni and friends to fund the creation of a Pharmacy Practice Lab fit for the needs of today, yet versatile enough for the growth of pharmacy practice,” said Tom Dauber, College of Pharmacy’s senior director of Advancement. “I am encouraging our alumni and friends to help us prepare future generations of pharmacists making a pledge of support to this vital project.”

The college recently completed a highly-successful fundraising campaign, raising $23 million for student scholarships, teaching and research. Now that this laudable achievement has been met, the college can focus on improving its physical plant.

The need for facility improvement remains great. “Often students end up in the hallways to practice their counseling skills with no opportunity to review their actual performance,” said Katherine A. Kelly, PhD, associate dean for Assessment and Strategic Initiatives. “Our new lab spaces will include counseling rooms equipped with technology allowing students to review recordings of their performance and self-assess progress toward course and program goals.”

PPL Pledges can be paid off over a period as long as three years. Gifts toward this effort will receive credit toward football ticket seating points, President’s Club recognition and sustaining memberships in the Pharmacy Alumni Society and The Ohio State University Alumni Association. Donations of $1,000 or more will be permanently recognized. Area-specific sponsorship opportunities within the PPL (workstations, counseling rooms, etc.) start at $6,000.

For information on how you can get involved, visit or contact Tom Dauber at