Pharmaceutical Sciences Minor

About the Minor

The Pharmaceutical Sciences minor offers unique training for students pursuing careers in health care and the pharmaceutical industry. Flexible in design, this minor permits students from science or non-science disciplines to learn about drug science in a variety of contexts.

The minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences requires a minimum of 12 credit hours. All students must take PHR2500. Students must fulfill the remaining 9 hours from a list of Pharmacy courses, including at least one designated contemporary issues course. 6 of the 12 required hours should be 3000+. Students should meet with an Advisor from the undergraduate program in order to customize a program

Required: 3 hours

PHR2500 Drug Discovery, Development, and Delivery

Electives: at least 9 hours

Students must take courses from the following list to bring total hours to 12, including at least 1 contemporary issues course (designated by *). Note: some of these courses have prerequisites that would need to be fulfilled prior to enrollment.

  • PHR2010* Pharmacology: How Drugs Work (3 cr hrs)  
  • PHR2100  Career Develop in the Pharm Sciences I (0.5 cr hrs)
  • PHR2367  Drug Use in American Culture (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR2400* Addicting Drugs (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR2410 Drugstore Science (2cr hrs)
  • PHR2510* Introduction to Pharmacy (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR3400* Therapeutic Frontiers (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR3420* Generation Rx: America's Drug-Taking Culture (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR3500 Pharmacoethics: Dilemmas and Decision-Making (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR3520* Principles of Therapeutics (1.5 cr hrs)  
  • PHR 4000 Molecules to Medicine:  An Integrated Approach to the Pharmaceutical Sciences I (5 cr hrs)
  • PHR 4010 Molecules to Medicine:  An Integrated Approach to the Pharmaceutical Sciences II (5 cr hrs)
  • PHR4193  Individual Studies in Pharm Sciences (Var)
  • PHR4210  Prob Solving in Biomed Chemistry (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR4330  Basic Pharmacokinetics (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR4420* Molecular Pharmacology: From DNA to Biopharmaceutical Products (2 cr hr)
  • PHR4430  GCPR Pharmacology (1 cr hr)
  • PHR4440* Pharm. of Neur. and Psych. Disorders (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR4460* Contemporary Drug Addiction Literature (1 cr hr)
  • PHR4470* Contemporary Pharmacology (1 cr hr)
  • PHR4600  Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR4610  Experimental Techniques in Drug Discovery (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR4998  General Undergraduate Research (Var)
  • PHR5402 Introduction to Pharmacoeconomics (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR5500  History of Pharmacy (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR5510* Basics of Pharmaconutrition (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR5520* Advanced Pharmaconutrition (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR5530* Med. App. of Radionuclides and Radiopharm. (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR5540* Intro to Clin. and Transl. Pharmacy Research (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR5550* Topics in International Pharmacy (2 cr hrs)
  • PHR5560  Success and Leadership in Pharmacy (1.5 cr hrs)
  • PHR5580  Professional Ethics (1.5 cr hrs)
  • PHR5590 Chem. Dependency & the Healthcare Prof (3 cr hrs)
  • PHR5700 Introduction to Personalized Therapeutics and Pharmacogenomics (3 cr hrs)

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