MS in Health-System Pharmacy


Jay Mirtallo, MS, RPh, BCNSP, FASHP
Program Director, MS in Health-System Pharmacy Residency

Jessica Wood
Graduate Studies Coordinator

Faculty Support:
Nikki Herbert
Graduate Programs Coordinator

MS in Health-System Pharmacy

MS-HSP Course Descriptions

PHARM 8160

Operations Management in Health-System Pharmacy
Reviews the medication use system, evidence-based practices in medication use systems management, operations management and compliance with regulatory and accrediting agencies.

PHARM 8150

Systems Issues with Medication Safety
Describes the components of an effective system for tracking, trending, and reporting adverse drug events (ADE).  Understand the techniques used in investigating the causes of events. Integrate medication safety activities as a component of the organizations’ safety culture.


Health Services Organizational Management
Using a combination of theory and application, this course emphasizes the development of both conceptual insight and managerial skills. The focus is on issues and processes related to leadership in health services organizations, recognizing that there is no single ‘best’ way to manage.

PHARM 8250

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Principles for Health-System Pharmacy
Exposure to the key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain and factors affecting its integrity. Basic concepts in drug procurement and inventory control.

PHARM 8884

Seminar for MS in Health-System Pharmacy Students
Provides experience in communication of project proposals and results and current topics. Skills in leading discussions are included, as well as methods to effectively evaluate presentations.

PHARM 8100

Operations Finance/Control Processes
Provides an advanced understanding of operations finance for health-system pharmacists.


Operations Management for Health Services Organizations
Gives a working knowledge of the most current operations and innovations while focusing on fundamental operations management concepts and techniques.

PHARM 8170

Advancement of Patient Care Services
Overview of clinical services and practice models. Discussion of clinical services management in several areas of health system pharmacy. Focus on pharmacy practice model initiative.

PHARM 8110

Capital Finance/Revenue Cycle
Provides an advanced understanding of the pharmacy revenue cycle, as well as capital finance for the health system pharmacist.

PHARM 8180

Economic Evaluation of Patient Services
An overview and appraisal of the economic evaluation of health care programs and services applied to health-systems pharmacy administration.

PHARM 8140

Research Methodology in Health-System Pharmacy
Apply research and design methodology to resolving health system pharmacy issues.

PHARM 8130

Advanced Leadership Principles
Discussion of leadership qualities and techniques required to establish a vision and strategic direction for a health system pharmacy or department.

PHARM 8993

Supervised Project in Health-System Pharmacy
The purpose of this course is to design and complete the required Major Project focusing on a health-system pharmacy issue.

PHARM 8120

Information Systems for Health-System Pharmacy
Advanced understanding of information systems, technology and automation systems for health system pharmacy. Explains the advancements that practice technology enhances. Techniques used to manage limitations to electronic information and other technologies.

Deadline is January 8, 2018

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