MS in Health-System Pharmacy


Jay Mirtallo, MS, RPh, BCNSP, FASHP
Program Director, MS in Health-System Pharmacy Residency

Jessica Wood
Graduate Studies Coordinator

Faculty Support:
Nikki Herbert
Graduate Programs Coordinator

Message from the Director

Jay Mirtallo

Thank you for your interest in the MS in Health Systems Pharmacy Program. Our mission is to advance the professional practice of pharmacy by developing leaders in health system pharmacy. The Program Committee, faculty, staff and students have been working hard in making the academic component of this combined MS/Administrative program integrate with the residency programs at our affiliated institutions.

Our focus is to deliver content and initial application of concepts needed to succeed in health system pharmacy so our graduates excel in the skills needed to move the profession forward. A key attribute of our program is the diversity brought to the classroom from the various health systems our MS candidates are based. We are pleased and excited with the curriculum revision we just completed with the focus of incorporating the concepts to the ASHP Administrative Residency objectives and goals. To enhance the integration of the curriculum with practice, we have recruited leaders in health system pharmacy as faculty to direct courses and have placed faculty development as an important component of our strategic plan.

We realize the health care system is evolving more rapidly than ever before. In our revision process we have established the framework for continually monitoring the curriculum for the purpose of adapting the content and coursework to maintain a meaningful academic experience that develops graduates expected to make an immediate impact on the practice and profession of pharmacy.

Jay Mirtallo

Deadline is January 8, 2018

Instructions for the graduate school application are listed on our Apply page.