BSPS Admissions


High School Students

(Enter Ohio State as a BSPS major as a new first-year freshman)

The criteria used to admit students to the BSPS program directly from high school are:

Transfer Students

(Current Ohio State students switching from a different major, OR current college students transferring to Ohio State from another institution)

The criteria to admit students to the BSPS program that are currently in college, either at Ohio State or elsewhere, are:

  • Completion of Biology 1113 and Biology 1114
  • Completion of Chemistry 1210 and Chemistry 1220
  • Completion of Math up through 1151
  • An earned cumulative GPA of at least a 2.7 (subject to change)
  • A minimum of 30 college semester credit hours earned
  • Completion of all university admissions conditions

BSPS incoming class stats:

  • 61 percent were in the top 10 percent of their graduating class
  • 29.4 average ACT score for incoming BSPS students
  • 28 BSPS scholarships were awarded