Alex Sparreboom
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
408 Biomedical Research Tower


  • Clinical cancer pharmacology
  • Hepatic and renal drug elimination
  • Organic cation transport

Professional Interests

Dr. Sparreboom's research studies the contribution of solute carriers to chemotherapy-induced toxicity profiles, identifies chemical inhibitors of critical transporters, translates the findings to clinical trials in collaboration with scientists and oncologists, and ultimately improves the long-term outcome of patients with cancer by modulating the therapeutic window of widely-used chemotherapeutics. His research is currently focused on the development of transport modulators that could be used in conjunction with platinum-based drugs and tyrosine-kinase inhibitors, with emphasis on the development of innovative preclinical model systems.

Lab Members

Shuiying Hu, PhD, Research Scientist

Alix Leblanc, PhD, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Alice Gibson, MS, Research Associate

Mingqing (Sophie) Chen, Pharmaceutics Graduate Research Associate


  • PhD, 1996, The Netherlands Cancer Institute/Utrecht University, Pharmacy
  • MSc, 1993, Utrecht University, Pharmacy
  • BSc, 1989, Utrecht University, Pharmacy

Recent Publications