Popat N. Patil
Professor Emeritus
538 Parks Hall


  • Steric Aspects of Adrenoceptors
  • Rates of Racemization of Optical Isomers
  • Drug Melanin Interactions
  • History of Pharmacological Sciences

Professional Interests

Popat N. Patil’s major interests include understanding drug action at the receptors in the autonomic nervous system of vertebrates. For the last thirty years, he has investigated the steric structure action relationships of adrenergic drugs. They are now elucidating the details of the structural requirements for the activation of adrenoceptor subtypes. According to E. J. Ariens, receptor stimulant molecule possesses affinity and intrinsic activity. However, kinetic as well as morphological details of the latter property are not known. He his interested in understanding the initial receptor related components of molecular efficacy. Investigations related to ocular-pharmacotherapeutics are equally fascinating topics of his research. Currently, in the laboratory, he is enjoying the investigation on mechanisms of drug-antagonism. Incoming students in his lab are accepted with their own fellowship funds and the research topic in the pharmacologic receptors.


  • 1997 AAAS Fellow


  • PhD, 1963, The Ohio state University, Pharmacology
  • MS, 1960, The Ohio state University, Pharmacology

Recent Publications