Ross Larue
Research Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
512 Riffe Building


Professional Interests

Dr. Larue’s research interests include identifying novel interactions between host and virally encoded proteins, elucidating the role of cellular cofactors in guiding integration site selection of retroviral integrases, discerning structural determinates for interactions between host proteins, retroviral integrases and select chromatin marks, and investigating methods to improve gammaretroviral based vectors for human gene-therapy. His laboratory utilizes a combination of molecular, biophysical and biochemical approaches coupled with collaborations with experts in structural biology to address these intriguing research interests.


Dr. Larue obtained his PhD degree in Microbiology at the Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, USA in 2009. He then received postdoctoral training with Dr. Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, College of Pharmacy, Ohio State University (2010-2014). After his postdoctoral training, Dr. Larue joined the College of Pharmacy, Ohio State University as a research professor.

Recent Publications