Kenneth M. Hale
RPh, PhD
Clinical Professor
Pharmacy Practice and Science
452 Parks Hall


  • Prescription drug misuse prevention
  • Introduction to pharmacy


  • PhD, 1995, The Ohio State University, Higher Education and Student Affairs
  • MA, 1987, The Ohio State University, Educational Research and Evaluation
  • BS, 1976, The Ohio State University, Pharmacy


  • 2017 Alumni Medalist Award (Ohio State University)
  • 2015 Pillar of Strength Award (Cardinal Health)
  • 2015 BSPS Distinguished Teaching Award (Ohio State University College of Pharmacy)
  • 2013 Linwood F. Tice Friend of APhA-ASP Award (American Pharmacists Association)
  • 2013 Beal Award (Ohio Pharmacists Association)
  • 2012 BSPS Distinguished Teaching Award (Ohio State University College of Pharmacy)
  • 2012 Career Services Award (Ohio State University Career Services Committee)
  • 2011 Flame of Inspiration Award (LECOM School of Pharmacy, Bradenton)
  • 2011 Ralph V. Foster Friend of APhA-ASP Award (Ohio State University APhA-ASP Chapter)
  • 2009 BSPS Distinguished Teaching Award (Ohio State University College of Pharmacy)
  • 2007 Distinguished Alumni Award (Ohio State University College of Pharmacy)
  • 2006 President's Salute to Undergraduate Achievement (Ohio State University)
  • 2004 William J. Marks Award (Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio)
  • 2004 John M. Cassady Diversity Enhancement Award (Ohio State University College of Pharmacy)
  • 2000 Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award (Ohio State University)

Recent Publications

  • Hale, K.M. (2017). America’s Opioid Epidemic: How Did We Get Here? How Can We Get Out? Ohio Township News. September/October, 18-19.
  • Le, V.T., Norris Turner, A., McDaniel, A., Hale, K.M., Athas, C., Kwiek, N.C. (2017). Nonmedical use of over-the-counter medications is significantly associated with nonmedical use of prescription drugs among university students. Journal of American College Health. Aug 16:1-8.
  • Hale, K.M. (2016). A perfect storm for prescription drug misuse. In: Newton, D.E. Prescription Drug Abuse. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, LLC: 140-144.
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  • Wade-Mdivanian, R., Anderson-Butcher, D., Hale, K., Kwiek, N., Smock, J., Radigan, D. & Lineberger, J. (2012). Utilizing Business, University, and Community Resources to Target Adolescent Prescription Drug Abuse. The Prevention Researcher. 19(1), 17-20
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