Michael Murphy, APhA-ASP National President-elect, Reflects on APhA Annual Meeting

Friday, March 18, 2016

Mike Murphy

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy was represented well at the 2016 APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition. Over 50 of our students and faculty met in Baltimore, Maryland to learn about expanding the opportunities of our profession through patient care. Our very own Professor Marcia Worley was inducted as a Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association and the Ohio State Chapter of APhA-ASP was awarded with the 2014-15 First Runner-Up, Division AA Chapter Achievement Award.

During the conference I also had the opportunity to run for and be elected to represent over 36,000 student pharmacists across the country as the next APhA-ASP National President-elect. Due to the incredible support of Ohio State and students from across the country we were able to accomplish this. It was an exciting weekend filled with campaigning with “MURPHY FOR APhA-ASP NATIONAL PRESIDENT-ELECT” buttons and T-shirts, culminating with my speech that led into the election. While on stage with thousands of ears listening I took the opportunity to speak about several goals I plan to accomplish during my term.

First, I will increase the mental wellbeing of student pharmacists by partnering with the AACP to promote mental health in our colleges. Second, I hope to enhance interprofessional student relationships by working with other national professional student organizations. And finally, I plan to form global partnerships with colleges of pharmacy in our country and those across the world using resources established by IPSF. I know that over the course of the next two years student pharmacists will bring together their collective voice to accomplish these goals which will advance our profession and enhance patient care across the world.

This is a great opportunity for Ohio State to make an impact on our profession. From 2014-2015 past Ohio State student Maggie Oser served as a National Member-at-large of APhA-ASP, becoming the first Ohio State student to serve on the APhA-ASP National Executive Committee. Her leadership proved that through hard work and dedication those positions were attainable. Because of her guidance and the support of students and faculty, I am honored to serve as the first National President-elect of APhA-ASP from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. The reason I can say this though is because I got involved in extracurricular activities.

I am not special. There is nothing about me that makes me better or worse than anyone reading this but I have found success because I actively participate in events I am passionate about. I urge everyone to get involved in something that they love. If three years ago I hadn't taken a risk and applied to be the APhA-ASP Undergraduate Liaison I am confident I wouldn't be where I am today. So, take that risk. Get out of your comfort zone, because you never know how big a moment of confidence today will change your life.