Transfer & Course Waiver Policy

Students interested in transferring to Ohio State from another PharmD program are encouraged to have an advising meeting with a member of the Student Affairs staff to determine individual requirements necessary to achieve a successful transfer. Because pharmacy curricula vary from institution to institution and it is unlikely that the course sequencing would match up identically, transferring often means students add a year or more to their time to degree. For this reason, while many inquire about transferring, only a small number actually apply for a transfer. The following requirements must be met by interested applicants who wish to transfer to OSU:

  1. The Dean or Director of Student Affairs of the pharmacy school which the applicant is attending must submit a letter summarizing the applicant's credentials and verifying that the student is in good academic standing.
  2. The student must submit a copy of his/her pharmacy school application including PCAT scores and all previous college transcripts.
  3. The student must submit a formal request for transfer outlining circumstances regarding the potential transfer.

Once these items are received, the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee reviews the situation and rules on the transfer request. If approved for a transfer, the candidate is then able to work with the appropriate faculty to determine pharmacy course equivalencies. The College of Pharmacy faculty for each appropriate course determines the equivalency of prior coursework. The staff in the Student Affairs Office facilitates this process.