Student Organizations

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Student Chapter (AMCP)

Primary Contact: Aakash Patel
Advisor: Ashley Sweaney
Description: The purposes of the AMCP Student Chapter are to inspire future pharmacists through education and mentorship to pursue non-traditional career paths in pharmacy such as those in managed care or the pharmaceutical industry. The OSU AMCP chapter shares the national organization's mission of providing evidence-based and cost effective healthcare interventions for patients. Managed Care Pharmacy combines clinical aspects of pharmacy with sound business and economic models to make decisions that can improve the health of entire populations of patients.

American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP)

Primary Contact: Bethany Hipp
Advisors: Alexa Sevin
Description: We the members of the Academy of Students of Pharmacy hereby associate ourselves to:

  1. Uphold the aims and aid in furthering the objectives of the American Pharmacists Association by undertaking such activities, as will promote the professional role and social interests of the students and other pharmacists
  2. Provide for the members a voice in matters affecting them
  3. Our organization is dedicated to excellent community service through our 11 patient care projects and we aim to expand the voice of student pharmacists through our active role in advocacy for the profession

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)
Student Chapter at Ohio State

Website: none listed
Primary Contact: Kelsey Kresser
Advisor: Ruth Emptage
Description: To provide a forum for pharmacy students to be able to become well-informed about pharmacists' roles in providing care to older adults and institutionalized individuals and to make available the opportunity to serve older adults in the community.

Buckeyes Without Borders

Primary Contact: Joyce Zhang

Description:  Buckeyes without Borders strives to foster global health awareness and teach Ohio State healthcare students the benefits of an interdisciplinary healthcare team on positive patient outcomes through outreach and education in underserved communities abroad where we identify and treat the medical needs of their populations.

Chili Cook-Off

Primary Contact: Garrett Lambert

Advisor: Debra Barnette
Description: The Chili Cook-Off brings together students, staff and faculty at The Ohio State University in order to organize and produce an annual event that benefits a local charity. Through bringing people together in the Ohio State community for a common cause, the chili cook-off is also designed to raise awareness for social issues by holding events throughout the year. With numerous information and fundraising events, the chili cook-off unifies its members with a focus on their common purpose.

Christian Pharmacy Fellowship International (CPFI) Student Chapter

Primary Contact: Eric Place
Advisors: Julie Legg and Laura Hall
Description: Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) is a worldwide ministry of individuals working in all areas of pharmaceutical service and practice. Our mission is to:

  1. Provide fellowship among like-minded professionals
  2. Challenge and promote spiritual growth
  3. Encourage the advancement of knowledge and ethics in the practice of pharmacy
  4. Encourage evangelism and the integration of faith into practice
  5. Provide support and opportunity for service in both home and foreign missions

College of Pharmacy Student Council

Primary Contact: Claire Mattison
Advisor:  Kathy Kelley
Description: Pharmacy Council serves as the umbrella organization for students and organizations enrolled in the College of Pharmacy. It is also a primary link between students in the college and faculty and alumni of the college. We uphold the values of student self-government, service to the community, and the integrity of the profession of pharmacy. The organization and its general meetings are open to BSPS, PharmD and PhD students, although one must be a PharmD student to hold an officer position.

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity

Primary Contact: Kevin Wenceslao
Advisor: Jeffrey Johnston
Description: The objectives of the organization are:

  1. To conduct a fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of the member
  2. To advance the profession of pharmacy, educationally, fraternally and socially
  3. To instill industry, sobriety, fellowship and high ideals in its members, and to foster scholarship and pharmaceutical research

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

Primary Contact: Kristine Mason
Advisors:  Donald Sullivan
Description: The objectives of the organiaztion are:

  1. Provide a forum for students to learn about the vast number of career opportunities that exist within the independent pharmacy practice
  2. To raise student awareness about the clinical, managerial, and entrepreneurial opportunities available within independent pharmacy
  3. To provide students with more opportunities for leadership roles and experiences by becoming a chapter officer or committee chair

Student Pharmacist Association For Diversity & Equity (S.P.A.D.E.)

Primary Contact: Emmanuel Osei
Advisor:  Chelsea Pekny
Description: SPADE is a student run organization that is committed to promoting an academically enriching and supportive environment, allowing all students of the College of Pharmacy to feel welcomed and appreciated regardless of their background. We aim to recognize, respect, and value people’s differences in hope that all members are able to achieve their full potential by promoting an inclusive culture for all students. We are committed to helping non-native and native English speakers practice and improve their professional conversation skills in English through health and academic topics essential for the pharmacy profession. Pharmacy education has shown that students who learn as part of a diverse student body are more inclined to care for patients from diverse backgrounds than are those graduating from less diverse institutions. For this reason, we believe diversity at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy will create well – informed leaders and optimize their ability to provide health care for all.

Pharmacy Club

Primary Contact: Drew Artrip
Advisor: Kelly Crum
Description: It shall be the purpose of the Pharmacy Club to present its members with a variety of information about the field of pharmacy, to familiarize them with the college and its requirements, and to develop social ties with other students interested in pharmacy.

Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) - Alpha Sigma Chapter

Website:​ (national); (chapter)
Primary Contact: Rutvik Joshi
Advisors:  Bella Mehta
Description: Phi Lamda Sigma is the national pharmacy leadership society which recognizes students who are leaders.  Student pharmacists are selected by their peers because they demonstrate leadership and/or leadership potential.  PLS organizes an etiqueette lunch for first-year pharmacy students in collaboration with the College; provides the leadership symposium as an opportunity for student development of core leadership skills; hosts a book club for discussion of self-improvement techniques; and coordinates the PharmD pageant as an entertaining way to fundraise.

Rho Chi Society Upsilon Chapter

Primary Contact: Mark Doles
Advisor: Milap Nahata
Description: The purpose of the Upsilon Chapter is to promote intellectual excellence, leadership, fellowship, critical inquiry and high attainment in all aspects of pharmacy. Rho Chi is open to PharmD students who are in the top 20 percent of their class with no history of academic misconduct or unprofessional conduct.

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

Primary Contact: Lauren Levi
Advisor: Joe Orozco
Description: SNPhA shall have the following purposes:

  1. To offer student members the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills
  2. To educate students about and promote active participation in national healthcare issues
  3. To develop the role of the minority health professional as vital members of the healthcare team
  4. To develop within communities, a positive image of minority health professionals
  5. To educate communities on better health practices and to increase their awareness and understanding of diseases

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHP)

Primary Contact: Brooke Blay
Advisor: Michael Ganio
Description: The Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHP) strives to educate pharmacy students about career opportunities for pharmacists in health systems, to improve communication between pharmacy students and the health care community, and to assist pharmacy students in preparing to complete a post-graduate residency

The College of Pharmacy Talent Show Association
at The Ohio State University

Primary Contact: Meghan Nestleroth
Advisor: Milap Nahata

Description: The purpose of The College of Pharmacy Talent Show Association is to organize and produce an annual talent show to display the unique talents of the undergraduate and graduate pharmacy students, alumni and staff. The money raised will be used for a charity to be selected by the Talent Show Association.

The GenerationRx Collaborative

Primary Contact: Nira Kadakia and Megan Lewis
Advisor: Ken Hale and Nicole Kwiek

Description:  The Generation Rx Collaborative will function as a collaboration of Generation Rx initiatives within existing student organizations at The Ohio State University, and serve as a conduit through which interested student can get involved in Generation Rx activities. The mission of our organization is to continue to combat the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse and misuse through educational prevention, both locally and globally.