Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What do I do if my IPPE student is not meeting the experiential rotation objectives?

Contact Bonnie Spiers, assistant director of IPPE, either by phone at 614-292-8990 or e-mail at  and document the issue. She will follow up with you and determine the best solution for your specific issues.


If you have additional questions to the ones below, contact Julie Legg, PharmD, assistant director of APPE, at

Should I complete a midpoint evaluation?

Yes, we ask that each preceptor complete a midpoint evaluation considering the activities during the first half of the experience. Students should be proactive in scheduling midpoint evaluations. 
The preceptor should:

  • Review the APPE Final Evaluation and use it as the template for consideration of student performance and progress during the first half of the calendar month.
  • Encourage the student to complete a self-evaluation using the APPE Final Evaluation to provide a focus for the midpoint review. The student can print a version of the final assessment from Carmen.
  • Complete the short Midpoint Evaluation in PharmAcademic (
  • Preceptors and students should keep in mind that the purpose of the Midpoint Evaluation is  to allow the student and preceptor to make ‘course corrections’ including:
    • Planning new experiences for the student
    • Remedial steps to correct unsatisfactory performance during the early stages of the rotation
    • To provide feedback about student performance and provide a sense of progress for the first half of the month
  • If the student’s grade is an A, B, or C at the midpoint, the Midpoint Grade Report is submitted through PharmAcademic and discussed between the preceptor and student without any additional required reporting to the College. If the student has a passing grade but you have concerns about his or her performance, you are welcome to reach out the experiential team for assistance.

What do I do if my student is not performing at a satisfactory level at the time of the midpoint?

If the student grade is failing or not meeting your expectations at the midpoint, contact Dr. Julie Legg (, Assistant Director of APPE, to discuss the next steps.

The preceptor may create an "action item" list defining the necessary activities the student must complete (including remdial activities) to allow for successful completion of the rotation.

Why is the APPE final evaluation appearing on my home screen on the first day of the student’s rotation?

The final evaluation becomes available on the home screen of PharmAcademic at the beginning of the month so that you can start recording any specific notes about the student’s performance, if you prefer, instead of waiting until the end.  As long as you do not ‘submit’ the evaluation, the content you add should remain on the evaluation each time you open it.  The final evaluation is available to you on the first day because many preceptors prefer to keep a running log of their notes. If you prefer to wait until the end to enter your information, the final evaluation will be available for you to do so at your convenience.

What do I need to do if I want to nominate a student for Honors Level Performance on a rotation?

Preceptors can nominate students for Honors Level Performance to recognize students who “consistently demonstrated progress exceeding expectations of an entry-level pharmacist.” This can be done on the final assessment, and should include specific examples of why he/she has nominated the student. Please provide sufficient information for the experiential team to understand the impact the student had during the rotation.

This honor is reserved for students who consistently show exceptional clinical skills, judgment, and professional socialization. The student’s passion and dedication to the future of the profession of pharmacy should carry through to every aspect of their interactions with patients and other professionals. The student should be considered by the preceptor a true “thought leader” and one who will contribute greatly to the profession. The student will receive special recognition on his/her transcript.

How can I change my rotation description in PharmAcademic?

At this time, preceptors cannot change their own rotation description in PharmAcademic.  Please type the new or revised description/expectations/objectives/activities in a .doc document and send to  Our staff will make sure it gets changed in the PharmAcademic system.

What information is available for me to view on PharmAcademic about a student coming to my site in the future?
Once logged into the system, click on the Help and Support option on the left side of the screen and then select the Guide to the Preceptor Home Screen.  This document will walk you through how to view the student’s APPE schedule for the year, previous APPE evaluations (completed by past APPE preceptors), the student’s picture and the student’s CV.  The CV is in the portfolio and can be accessed one month prior to and one month after the conclusion of the rotation month.


What should I do if I can’t remember my password?

Type in into your internet browser and enter the email address you provided to the college for PharmAcademic.  Then click Forgot Password.  PharmAcademic will immediately send you a link to create a new passoword.

What if I can’t remember the email address entered into PharmAcademic for me?

You will need to contact the college.  Please email for assistance.


What should I do if an evaluation I am to complete is no longer available on my home screen?

Please email and ask for the evaluation to be released again to your home screen.