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Career Representatives

Meet the Pharmacy Career Representatives!

Pharmacy Career Representatives
2016-17 Pharmacy Career Representatives

The Pharmacy Career Representatives program is a volunteer service and leadership experience that provides students the opportunity to serve as representatives of Pharmacy Career Services.

Pharmacy Career Representatives help with the planning and implementation of workshops and events throughout the year, including Career Fairs, Networking Events, Tours, and Employer Information Sessions. The Representatives have also produced and presented workshops for their peers, including The Empathetic Pharmacist, Resume Makeover Workshop, International Student Career Strategies, and Air Force Scholarship Program Presentation.


Joe Cusimano: My name is Joe Cusimano, and I am a 3rd year pharmacy student serving as a Pharmacy Career Representative for 2016-2017. Through my work on "The Empathetic Pharmacist" workshop, I was able to lend my insight on clinical empathy and teach my colleagues about the basics of motivational interviewing. As the founding president of The Ohio State University Collegiate Chapter of the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists, I strive to inspire my colleagues to advocate for and pursue careers as neuropsychiatric pharmacists. 

Emily Harris: Hi! My name is Emily and I am a current first year PharmD student at OSU. I look forward to reaching out and helping other prospective pharmacy students at our upcoming events!

Lauren Johnson: I am a third year at OSU, graduating early in spring of '17. I will be continuing my time here pursuing my PharmD beginning in the fall. I love to swim, pet dogs, and anything that involves Ohio State. OSU has presented me with many opportunities to get involved and learn about pharmacy in a hands on way. Traveling to Switzerland in spring of 2016 and leading a Buck-I-Serv trip with the college of Pharmacy in winter of '15 are just two examples of this. I have worked as a pharmacy tech for over a year now. I love working with people, especially in a clinical setting. In my final year, I've been fortunate enough to be included as a Career Representative, which has allowed me to make connections and learn about the actual job side of pharmacy. My suggestion for current or incoming students is to get out there and don't be afraid to talk to people about opportunities!

Valentina Lim: I am a warm, positive, resilient, and compassionate third year PharmD student at the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy who is passionate about serving the underserved population. My occupation as the pharmacy intern at Cleveland Clinic Ambulatory Pharmacy enhances my self-esteem to go the extra mile in providing patient care and to incorporate exceptional teamwork in achieving patient satisfaction. Along with being a pharmacy leader in Helping Hands Free Clinic, the orientation to pharmacy project for refugee population in Cleveland develops my leadership, management, and cultural awareness skills. Lastly, being a career service representative gives me opportunities to learn incorporating initiative into workshop and to strengthen the soft skills. My suggestions for current or incoming students are to show your enthusiasm in learning and getting experience from any location or site, and to be yourself and respect others. Lastly, try to review some lectures before shadowing a clinical specialist.

Jessica Martz: My name is Jessica Martz and I am a third year student in the BSPS program! Being a Pharmacy Career Representative has been a great experience because I have gotten to work with new people and gained professional skills, and I have learned a lot about the work that goes into preparing events and presentations. It has been valuable to work with a group that includes undergraduate and professional students as well as Leigh and Natalie because we all have different insights and can learn a lot from each other! My advice for current and incoming students is to try something new! Having a job as a student is rewarding, and to students who worry about being too busy, I would say that sometimes having a job can make the rest of a student's day/week more productive and organized!

Sam Yarnell: Hello! I am a second year student in the BSPS program. I am from Smithville, Ohio, which is in Wayne County. I chose to become a pharmacist because I had always wanted to go into medicine. I quickly realized that I wasn't a huge fan of being a doctor and dealing with broken bones, so I decided that pharmacy was the right fit for me. I specifically chose OSU because of their amazing pharmacy school and all that it has to offer. I love to spend my free time reading a lot of books, especially the Song of Ice and Fire series, and meeting up with my extracurricular groups and friends.  I personally came to find that being a Pharmacy Career Representative has taught me a lot in regards to how to be a quality student an utilize all this school has to offer, as well as teaching me a lot about myself. This group has really helped me utilize all of my positive attributes and how to help fix some of my bad ones as well. I would highly recommend this group to anyone trying to better themselves as a future pharmacist and to better others.


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