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Meet the Pharmacy Career Representatives!

Pharmacy Career Representatives
2017-18 Pharmacy Career Representatives

The Pharmacy Career Representatives program is a volunteer service and leadership experience that provides students the opportunity to serve as representatives of Pharmacy Career Services.

Pharmacy Career Representatives help with the planning and implementation of workshops and events throughout the year, including Career Fairs, Networking Events, Tours, and Employer Information Sessions. The Representatives have also produced and presented workshops for their peers, including Bringing it All Together: Strengths & Online Presence, Presenting Pediatric Pharmacy, Find Your Fit with DiSC, Trips and Tricks for Scoring a Stellar Position, Recipe for Success in Networking, and Culturally Sensitive Pharmacy Care for the Transgender Patient.





Hali Fechtmeyer: My name is Hali and I am a P3 (third year) in pharmacy school. I am still figuring out what I would like to do after school, but I am interested in clinical pharmacy and research. I became a Pharmacy Career Representative to help explore all the options that pharmacists have and help share my experiences with others. I enjoy long walks on the beach, binge watching Netflix, hanging out outdoors, and trying new fun foods. I am always available for questions or suggestions for interesting workshops!




Lauren Johnson: I am a first year PharmD student. I love to swim, pet dogs, and anything that involves Ohio State. OSU has presented me with many opportunities to get involved and learn about pharmacy in a hands on way. Traveling to Switzerland in spring of 2016 and leading a Buck-I-Serv trip with the college of Pharmacy in winter of '15 are just two examples of this. I currently work as a Pharmacy Intern at Equitas Health. I love working with people, especially in a clinical setting. For the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to be included as a Pharmacy Career Representative, which has allowed me to make connections and learn about the actual job side of pharmacy. My suggestion for current or incoming students is to get out there and don't be afraid to talk to people about opportunities!


Jessica Martz: My name is Jessica Martz and I am a third year student in the BSPS program! Being a Pharmacy Career Representative has been a great experience because I have gotten to work with new people and gained professional skills, and I have learned a lot about the work that goes into preparing events and presentations. It has been valuable to work with a group that includes undergraduate and professional students as well as Leigh and Natalie because we all have different insights and can learn a lot from each other! My advice for current and incoming students is to try something new! Having a job as a student is rewarding, and to students who worry about being too busy, I would say that sometimes having a job can make the rest of a student's day/week more productive and organized! 


Kajal Parbhoo: My name is Kajal Parbhoo and I am a second year student in the BSPS program. Along with studying pharmaceutical sciences, I am also a Spanish minor. After graduating from pharmacy school, I would like to become a pharmacist and be able to use my knowledge of Spanish to assist patients of various backgrounds. Additionally, I hope to continue pursuing my other interests such as Bollywood dancing and travelling to different countries around the world. As a pharmacy career representative, I am looking forward to working with undergraduate and professional students to learn more about the pharmaceutical field and present the wonderful opportunities this field has to offer to other students.


Pie Shoureshi: My name is Parichehr Shoureshi, but everyone calls me Pie because I am as sweet as a pie! I am a current P2 PharmD student at The Ohio State University. I am a Program Outreach Coordinator for Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHP), as well as a Program Recruiter for the Medication Management Program (MMP). I am a very passionate individual who is known for being humorous, positive and encouraging. My goal is to pursue residency to make an impact on patient care and pharmaceutical practice. I am happy to be contacted about possible positions, collaboration opportunities, or if you need to talk about anything!




Sam Yarnell: Hello! I am a third year student in the BSPS program with a minor in Substance Misuse and Addiction. I am from Smithville, Ohio, which is in Wayne County. I chose to become a pharmacist because I always wanted to go into medicine and pharmacy just sort of fell into my lap when doing career searches. I love to spend my free time reading a lot of books, especially the Song of Ice and Fire series, and meeting up with my extracurricular groups and friends. I personally came to find that being a Pharmacy Career Representative has taught me a lot in regard to how to be a quality student and utilize all this college has to offer, as well as it has taught me a lot about myself. This group has really helped me utilize all of my positive attributes!




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