Career Courses

PHR 2100: Career Development in Pharmaceutical Sciences I 

1/2 Credit Hour | Fall, Second Session | Required for Freshmen & Transfer BSPS Students

Pharmacy 2100 introduces Freshmen and Transfer BSPS Students to diverse careers in the field of pharmaceutical and health sciences. Students will work closely with their instructor and peers to gain knowledge on various career paths in health fields. Throughout this class, students will engage with guest speakers and will come away with a sense of their options and a critical understanding of career and professional development. 

This course is designed to:
• Provide an introduction to career opportunities with your BSPS degree
• Provide strategies for successful career exploration
• Increase knowledge of college and university career resources and programs

PHR 2101: Career Development in Pharmaceutical Sciences II

1/2 Credit Hour | Spring, First Session | Required for Junior & Transfer BSPS Students

Pharmacy 2101 is a professional development course for Junior and Transfer BSPS Students. In this course, students identify a plan for pursuing their career goals and acquire practical skills to assist with job searching, networking, personal branding, and applying to graduate/professional programs.

This course is designed to:
• Provide skill development for conducting a successful job search or academic application process
• Foster an attitude of professionalism in future academic and professional settings
• Increase awareness of career-related resources and personal branding

PHR 3191: Experiential Learning in Pharmaceutical Sciences

1 Credit Hour | Each Semester | Pharmacy Elective for all BSPS students

Pharmacy 3191 is an online course which accompanies a pharmacy or health-related experience. Internship, volunteer, and work experiences provide students with an opportunity to work in a professional setting and to begin to integrate academic knowledge with experiences, expectations, values, and demands of the world outside the classroom. This is a distance-learning course, and all assignments will be on Carmen. Readings, discussions, and assignments will focus on the professional issues relevant to the experience, as well as topics which are related to life after graduation.

This course is designed to provide:
• Allow students to develop hands-on skills and reflect on their experiences
• Work closely with supervisors and instructor to explore skills and receive constructive feedback
• Develop career goals and improve upon their understanding of professional development

Course Documents:
PHR 3191 Enrollment Form
Experience Rubric

Transitions Coursework 

T1 & T2 | Required for PharmD Students

Doctor of Pharmacy students will begin their first year by completing a module called Transitions I.  This module provides students with an orientation to pharmacy school as well as essential skills and tools for successful matriculation to the professional PharmD curriculum.  The Transitions II module will be completed at the end of the first year. This module builds on skills and knowledge gained in the first year of the program in preparation for a summer intensive professional experience and the second-year curriculum. The major course themes are leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Pharmacy Career Services partners with faculty to provide a variety of career and professional development assignments in these modules, including Mock Interviews, CV Review, Cover Letter, Career Exploration, Personal Branding, and more.


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