Bachelor of Science in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS)

The undergraduate program in pharmaceutical sciences is a four-year degree providing students with an introduction to the major areas of the pharmaceutical sciences as well as a general education.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Minor

The Pharmaceutical Sciences minor offers unique training for students pursuing careers in health care and the pharmaceutical industry. Flexible in design, this minor permits students from both science and non-science disciplines to learn about drug science in a variety of contexts.

Master of Science in Health-Systems Pharmacy Administration (MS)

The combined Health-System Pharmacy Administration Residency/Master’s Degree Program has a long standing history. This program was established in 1959, and has produced more than 200 graduates, many of whom are nationally recognized leaders in pharmacy management. The Ohio State University is known nationally for its excellent program in training hospital pharmacy leaders.

Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research (MACPR)

The Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research (MACPR) program is a new interdisciplinary graduate degree program offered entirely online by the colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University.

Graduate Minor in Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research

The online Graduate Minor in Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research provides students with the foundation for conducting clinical and preclinical research studies. Completion of the coursework in the minor meets the major competencies established by the Joint Task Force Core Competencies for Clinical Research Professionals.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

The Doctor of Pharmacy is a four-year graduate-professional program designed to prepare students for pharmacy licensure and practice.

Doctorate (PhD)

The graduate programs in the College of Pharmacy at the Ohio State University offer advanced education in all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences including drug discovery, development, and application. The graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences includes coursework as well as cutting-edge research focusing on topics like discovery and evaluation of novel drugs, determination of a drug's effects on the body, delivery methods to improve drug treatment, and how medication is used and applied to enhance patient outcomes.

Combined Degrees

Ohio State offers the opportunity for students to complete a combined degree program. Students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program may combine their degree with a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, a master’s in public health, or a master’s in business administration. These programs provide the opportunity for selected students to complete both degree requirements within a shorter time frame than completing each degree separately.