Pcol at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in November


Graduate students Kelin Wheaton, Katie Rooney, Kayla Cierniak, Andrew Zurlinden, and faculty: Dr. Lane Wallace and Dr. Kari Hoyt attended the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.  Their presentations were:
Accelerated disease progression in the r6/2 mouse model induced by the tetracycline transactivator, by KL Wheaton, K Obrietan and K Hoyt. Computational modeling suggests low striatal dopamine release probability, by K Rooney and LJ Wallace, and Computational model evidence for a complex containing DAT, VMAT, and D2 receptors and for pH regulation of dopamine leak from storage vesicles, by LJ Wallace, KH Cierniak, AT Zurlinden, and AD Klausing.
Three of our recent graduates also attended. Presentations were made by Brandon Henderson, PhD (Advisor: McKay, 2011 now at Caltech); Thong Ma, PhD (Advisor: KHoyt, 2007 now at Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute); and Bitna Yi, PhD (Advisor: McKay, 2013 now at Stanford)