College Administration

Cynthia A. Carnes
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
Katherine A. Kelley
Associate Dean for Assessment and Strategic Initiatives
Henry J. Mann
Dean and Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Science
James W. McAuley
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
Jennifer L. Rodis
Assistant Dean for Outreach and Engagement
Robert J. Weber
Assistant Dean for Medical Center Affairs
Rori Taylor-Goldsmith
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Area Directors

Area Directors
  Area Directors
Thomas Dauber Thomas Dauber
Director of Advancement
Justin Habash Justin Habash
Director of Teaching & Assessment
Casey Hoerig Casey Hoerig
Director of Information Technology
Nicole C. Kwiek Nicole C. Kwiek
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Julie E. Legg Julie E. Legg
Director of Experiential Education
Brittany McClaskey Brittany McClaskey
Director of Communications
Craig McElroy Craig McElroy
Director of Instrumentation
Bella H. Mehta Bella H. Mehta
Director of Continuing Professional Development
Jose Orozco Jose Orozco
Director of Student Services
Gail Vornholt Gail Vornholt
Director of Human Resources