Academic Divisions

Medicinal Chemistry & PharmacognosyMedicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy

The Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy is composed of faculty members with diversified research interests representing synthetic organic, analytical, natural products, and biological chemistry as well as computerized data acquisition control systems. Our graduate program and research interests are strongly tied to interdisciplinary approaches to the solution of chemical and biochemical problems. Our faculty are also active participants in The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and are responsible for the operation and research of the Radiochemistry and Instrumentation Laboratory of the Cancer Center. Some of our faculty also participate in the Ohio State Biochemistry Program on campus. The research within the Division involves interaction with all other units of the College of Pharmacy as well as studies involving the Colleges of Biological Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Dentistry.


Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical ChemistryPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry aims to translate the science of drug delivery through education and cutting edge research.  Topics such as pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, designing of advanced drug delivery systems, formulation of biotechnological therapeutics,  and identifying new therapeutic targets are included in this division.  Our world-renowned research program includes collaborative efforts with other units on campus such as the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility, and Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymeric Biomedical Devices.  Furthermore, we collaborate with several Colleges across the University including Medicine, Biological Sciences,  and Veterinary Medicine.  Division members teach drug delivery systems, pharmacokinetics, and biopharmaceutics to BSPS, PharmD, and graduate students.  PhD graduates of the division enter careers in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and governmental agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  We transform drug delivery research and education to advance the field of pharmaceutics.



The mission of the Division of Pharmacology is to advance and disseminate knowledge relating to the science of drug effects on biological systems. In research activities, students and faculty explore the mechanisms by which drugs work, study disease models to find new drug targets, and contribute to optimization of therapeutic drug regimens. Specialty focus areas include cardiovascular, cancer, and neuro pharmacology. In teaching activities at the undergraduate, professional, and graduate student level, faculty provide instruction regarding the mechanism of action of drugs, pharmacological research methods, and latest pharmacological discoveries.


Pharmacy Practice & SciencePharmacy Practice & Science

The Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administration aims to elevate the standards of patient care through innovations, discovery and dissemination. The division educates and trains students, residents, and fellows about the prevention and treatment of illnesses with medications; develops innovative pharmacy programs through interprofessional partnerships at a variety of practice sites; and leads in translational science through collaborative research from the bench to the bedside for the safe, personalized, and cost-effective use of medications in patients.